Hallucinating a black flying thing

I keep seeing it flying around my room and it vanishes mid air and then I see it again a few minutess later.
WTF is this? I don’t even know if it’s real or not!

Earlier, it was buzzing around my ear so I whacked it away and it flew through my wall somehow. Now it is back again even though my windows are closed!

maybe it is a fly lol


If it flew through your wall, it’s not real.

Have you tried the Seroquel yet?

No, the doctor upset me last week and I ignored him when he suggested medication.

Why did you ignore his suggestion to take an antipsychotic? If you have hallucinations, you need help from a medication as soon as possible! :open_mouth:

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Maybe its a Dragonfly.

Don’t worry about the doctor, worry about you.

You watching Lost?!?

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I offtin get floaters in my eyes, comes from the meds we take. other then that. id say you just started .