Hallucinated in therapy today

I saw a fly and I followed it with my eyes and asked him if he had flies in there and he said no. Then he asked me when I usually hallucinate, if the topic we were discussing was upsetting me, it wasn’t really. I wasn’t really upset or anything until I saw the fly


Doctors and shrinks have their problems too.

My shrink is great and been seeing him since 1993 but still likes to slide that “Your not having any voices?” conversation. No. I always correct it’s just positives and no I’m not but I know that he knows that he thinks I’m hearing voices and I’m just not saying so.

It’s not an exact science so depends on how stable you are. Disclaimer. I’m not arming you for fighting with your psydoc. Just saying it’s a weird world we live in for sure.


I don’t have visuals anymore, but when I was just back in Europe from the States I went out with friends to a club and was warning people they had dead flies in their drinks.

It’s kinda silly when I think of it.


My therapist likes to ask my what @roguetwo therapist asks. “Are you hearing voices right now?” Sometimes she is right.

But honestly the strangest experience was that when I first started hearing voices the drs in the hospital knew I was hearing voices before I admitted to them that I was hearing voices!! Like, how in the world could they have known such a thing about me?!

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I just started seeing this therapist. This was the second time I’ve seen him so it was a bit awkward for me to hallucinate right there. I haven’t hallucinated a ton in front of therapists

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