Halloween soon

Have you ever seen a ghost

Every time I look in the mirror.


Not while I was lucid.


I had a weird experience back in 2000. I had driven my auto from LA across America and I was in the rest area in Mississippi and two people came to me and said ‘are you in some kind of a trouble, they had seen the Holy Ghost around me’, well I lived in my auto then. So other people had seen a ghost around me. Or maybe they were just playing with me.


I once saw a demon

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I am a ghost.
And my Halloween costume will be me by myself.


I’ve certainly heard ghosts…either that or it was sz. When I was in high school I would always hear music playing downstairs and people talking whenever my parents left me home alone. That was long before my diagnosis

Hey anyone of you played that calling ghosts game?

" i see dead people ! "… :scream::ghost: !?!
take care :alien:

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Ah halloween. My 15 year anniversary. It was the day my possession began, they butchered me, it was rough ■■■■.