Halloween murder mystery

i attended a halloween night at the clubhouse today and it was really cool, there was a disco and then a murder mystery played by actors, they were amazing tbh and it was so cool haha

happy halloween guys


I did a murder mystery wine tour with my mom last weekend. It was a lot of fun. (I was DD, obviously)


I’m going on a “Murder Mystery” train ride for my birthday in January.

I’ve been asking to go for YEARS and my husband has finally pulled it together.

A Halloween one sounds so fun,

Happy you had a good time!


DD- dungeons & dragons?

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Sounds like fun @Resilient1! :slight_smile:

sounds like loads of fun :slight_smile:

the halloween theme was amazing, there were 3 actors and they were so cool, one was a vampire and then there was the butler called gore who was a ghost and then there was a beautiful female who was supposed to be half monster/ half witch and you had to work out who killed the vampire slayer who played the bag pipes lol.

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Haha no, I was the designated driver. I was responsible for making sure everyone else ate food and drank water.


i helped with the dinner in the kitchen, i peeled the turnips and chopped them and the same with the potatoes, i also served the meals and it was cool, had to take breaks though as my chest got sore a few times though x


Dude. I’ve said this before. If you’re getting chest pains from your AP, tell your doctor.


they know @everhopeful x thx anyway

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