Halloween Last Saturday of Every October?

I’ve said for years this should be the case.

Kids don’t have to get up early for school after a late night of trick or treating…kids are safer walking the streets without people driving home from work in the dark…parents get to sleep in and don’t have to go to work…Bars and Restaurants will have a set night for their theme parties…house parties on the weekend.

There’s just so many advantages to this idea. I know it’s not an official holiday or anything, but I still believe governments should mandate that last Saturday in October for Halloween.


Thursday will be our busiest day of work all year according to my boss. I have to go in 2 hours early and 2 extra drivers are coming in and he said he gets tons of orders all for like 10 pies at a time. I hope I can handle it alright and its not too crazy.


I think I’ve related this story before…

When we were kids, my brother dressed up as Frankensein for Halloween…and he used stilts!! It was awesome! He was towering over all of the kids in the neighbourhood and frightening many children.

However, it was the most impractical get-up for getting candy at the houses…I mean, he was on stilts and couldn’t walk fast or bend down to get the candy at the doors.

So he ran home and dressed up as an old lady and caught up with the other kids. I still wish our family had a picture of that costume…it was amazing.

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We normally throw our parties on the weekend before halloween. It sucks its on a thursday this year. We’ll probably have a small gathering and watch chucky again

Trick or treat is over at 8 pm here.

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