Hallelujah, I got myself out of depression!

I got into a strange depression weeks ago. I couldn’t spark an interest in anything, I had no spark, I would just sit there. So I took a risk and skipped a dose of my Invega every third day to increase stimulation. I reduced my GABA and taurine pills, and I got results right away. Bad news- Im overstimulated, drinking too much, pacing. I can’t win!

I started school on the 18th, and one of my classes is stimulating me too. My first psychology class- can I force myself to read the book? I hate reading. I did well on Mon and Tue, but my brain was a runaway train today. Couldn’t pay attention. Sigh! So now I ramp back up on taurine and GABA. It’s like a tug of war! I wish I could find a formula that worked perfectly for good.

Being on a much weaker tranquilizer then most antipsychotics, glycine, GABA, taurine and niacin help me so much! Helps to slow things down, alternative medicine.

Anyhoo I’m not depressed at all, but I’ve gotten hyper as a result of starting school. Sigh!


Sorry, couldn’t get it to work right.