Halfway to nowhere

So before I got psychotic I still felt young and energetic and being on meds with negative symptoms makes me feel old, it’s like the movie big one day your young the next your a middle aged man with a beer belly obviously cause by meds as I don’t drink, I’ve been young for so long now I’m in my 40s, how to get used to growing older?


It’s important to be proactive with things. I’ve found exercise to really help my mood and my physical and mental health. You can start small and move from there but keep moving. Yeah I’m overweight but I’m fitter now at 52 than I was in my 30’s when I smoked cigs and drank. It’s never too late to start and time flies by the older you get…you blink and it’s over so perhaps try something different that is healthy.


Everyone has their own personal experience with time @rogueone

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You have no choice so you just do it.


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