Halfway homes

Has anyone had success in this type of environment?

my mom was going to take me to one to live there, and when she saw the horrible living standards we found me my own place. good luck.

that bad huh? Eek.

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Many of them vary in quality and cleanliness and safety. They used to refer to board & care homes for the mentally ill as “half-way houses”. But in my city half-way houses now mean " clean and sober houses" for recovering alcoholics and addicts. I lived in a Board & Care home from 1990-95. It just happened to be the best one in my city of San Jose. It was clean and relatively safe. If you are thinking of moving into one, the best thing to do is to shop around and compare. Location is important. You want a nice neighborhood if possible. And it’s also a good idea to check out the surrounding area to see what bus lines are nearby, what businesses and stores are close by, what hospitals and clinics are nearby. What restaurants or parks or other entertainment is near.

Anyway, yeah, it was good for me at the time. The owners cooked all meals and did all the cleaning. And the man who ran it with his wife kept everybody in line. Basically these houses do not do treatment, or therapy and may help you minimally. They are usually just cheap places to live. You will have little responsibility, just cleanup after yourself, keep your space clean and try to get along with everybody.


I just need a change of scenery with supportive people.
I’ve looked at one in a perfect location. $800 per month, access to the city, employment opportunities. Very clean and modern…it will throw me out of my comfort zone but that may be a good thing.
I’m so stuck right now. Lonely. Uninspired.
Surrounded by negativity. And living with friends has always went sour with me…

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I’ve lived in one home that was completely amazing.

It was a carefully crafted habitat for us and it was ■■■■■■■ awesome.

They thought of everything to, it’s really crazy remembering that place as to opposed to what happens in most places now. I mean this place was ■■■■■■■ amazing.

Here is how it worked. There were eight total rooms for the residents. You were issued a key for your little apartment, it was yours to do with as you pleased. There was a bathroom for each of the four rooms, but, yes but, it was kept clean, that was the law actually.

But, yes, but, all chores were carefully divided between the housemates making it easy on us all. You can’t bog down a bunch of tortured people you know.

So, you could pick a meal for your day. Everyone got a day to select what to eat and everyone was expected to do the cleaning afterwards. But you could pick anything at the grocery store, anything at all. It didn’t matter what it was, if you wanted it you could get it, crazy right.

Nessecary transportation was provided as well, any appointments were taken care of. Of course you couldn’t just go for a ride for no reason. But, yes, but, they even took us out and ■■■■, i couldn’t believe it! They were taking us to movies and walks in national parks, and it was ■■■■■■■ scheduled, wtf?!

I couldn’t believe it. Everything was taken care of completely and it was very well thought out. I couldn’t believe it.

So, but, yes, but, after your time at the home then guess what happened? Guess! They then placed you in well thought out apartments with eachother. If you made the grade then you got your own one bedroom and were around others of like mind.

The recovery rates were successful, everything was successful actually. These places and whoever was in charge actually cared, i couldn’t believe it!

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