Half priced appetizers

Here at Perkins. I think from midnight to 6 am.

Was laying in bed when I remembered that.

Well here I am. 4$ plate of chicken quesadillas.

Psychosis is the most mild it’s been… Ever.

Still I’m making this post because little things still glitch me out.

I know what’s going on in my head and sometimes the spoken responses seem to line up better with the telepathy delusion than the reality?

Like the last time the waitress said “thank you” I had just said “your smart” in my mind. It was automatic due to the exchange we had just had.

Sent me hallucinating for a few seconds. Then I decided to put it out of my mind.

Will I ever firmly know that this ■■■■ is not real? That’s the question.

I do think I can control the hallucinations. But even when they aren’t present I’m still prone to delusion and subtle anxieties involved with that.

Still I feel great. It’ll just be a few minutes and I’ll have my food.

This place is just down the road from my house.

Way better than living at my moms. Waking her up on the way out then driving across town to get to the ihop.

Piaf my rent early today as well. I’m getting pretty comfortable with my life now.

Lots of love my friends.

(@sarad this meal is real)

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Your at Perkins!?

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I guess. Or am I. Is this a dream?

I was just in bed.

You move fast. That’s some spur of the moment ■■■■. Enjoy your meal and environment, can’t imagine it very busy.

If you say so! :slight_smile:
What’s in it?
I dunno I’m just a crude peasant.

Grilled chicken, cheddar and pepperjack, bbq sauce.

+sour cream and salsa.

@jumanji there are maybe 20 people here.

It’s Saturday and the college kids are back in town.

That sounds difficult

Perfect meal for…what, like 2am? :yum:

Yep. 125.

Forgot there is bacon in here as well.

You know what I’m saying…

Like eating real fast?

I just can’t picture it lol. I mean kind of. Maybe the head turns inside out as it exits the mouth while being chewed.

Reminds me of one time I saw a bat trying to chew off its broken wing. Poor thing.

It also seems like that’s what my main voice was doing the whole time. Like if someone were to manage to chew their head off just out of annoyance with someone(me) and bitch at that person the whole time somehow… That’s what it was like.

Ohhhhhh bisexuals always do this… Go outside and kill yourself… And on and on.

Always deleting posts.


Lol it drives me crazy!

Why do you talk man? Eat!

I herd your real voice today…

Did you scare ?

No it was sweet and cute. That thing you recorded about green card. Not like some hallucination!

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Which reminded me…

Hey @SoitGoes why y no marry me? :no_good:

Me and Bryan, we could adopt you. :joy:
Or even, you and Bryan could adopt me.

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Let’s see what he has to say.

Gotta go to grocery :wave: