Haldol withdrawal


Does anyone have experience with coming off Haldol. I stopped it like a month ago. But, brain numbing, memory retrieval, better processing hasn’t happened a lot so far.,

How long can I expect to return to baseline?


No clue. Depends on how much you used, for how long, how sensitive you are to it, how quickly your brain bounces back, how well you take care of yourself, and a whole lot of other factors nobody really knows. Doctors are good at putting people on meds…but everyone is a little clueless about what happens when coming of. Nobody really benefits from researching that.

For how long were you on them?

One year or so. I was taking 10, then it increased to 17.5 mgs at max. It used to completely numb my brain and all types of memories were poor on it.

A year is not so long. Luckily. I think it takes a while before it gets better. But with such short-term use, I expect it to clear up a lot still. I have read somewhere even the first two years, there is still progress, so it is getting better and better still for you, probably.

I was on them on/off for a very long time (more than 10 years). And SSRI’s and benzo’s too. I have been off them for a year, with the exception of PRN/very short-term use. In my case, there is still damage. But I have seen progress over the last year. Even with that ridicuously long-term use.

Keep your hopes up. I think it helps to focus on the things in your control - good sleep, exercise, good food, using your brain (puzzles, learning new things, doing social stuff, etc), not being on the internet a lot. I think it doesn’t help to stress out about the cognitive damage. Which is all easier said than done, I know.

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I spent about 2 months on Haldol. Started with 5 mg in morning and 5 mg in night. Then lowered to just 5 mg at night. Then I stopped. Haldol is very sedating and made me uncomfortable. I got Insomnia for about a month after coming off.

These meds take forever to work and forever to stop working.

I take haldol and have quit it but what u describe is my baseline so i dont think it was caused by the haldol for me or if it was it was caused by 16 years on antipsychotics

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