Haldol + Wellbutrin?

Does any chemists out there know if Wellbutrin will still work with haldol? I take 2mg haldol.

Many people here take anti-depressant medication as well as an antipsychotic medication - see this discussion:

But you also have to be aware of some risks:

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My doctor says Wellbutrin is forbidden for us, it increases dopamine.

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Bingo. Though some pretty slick psychopharmacologists will use buproprion’s rather crude mechanism of action to sort of “squeeze” the limbic system along with an anti-P like Haldol haloperidol to prevent a dive into negative affects… if they can’t get it done any “better” way.

If Wellbutrin is the first choice of anti-Ds for an “upward push,” however, I’d be perplexed.

Smprz84: Are you working with a public health or private HMO doc? And (just curious), how old is that doc?


I have a psychiatrist but I was going to ask about Wellbutrin. I’ve used it in the past before I went skitzo. What would u recommend I try?

I have been taking Wellbutrin for years. I can’t tolerate SSRIs. But I take it with Geodon. It isn’t perfect but it’s the best combo I have ever found.

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All good doctors recommend “Escitalopram Oxalate”, I don’t know its name in the US. However, some people like me, cannot take any anti-depressant because all of them (anti-depressants) worsen the positive symptoms. If something like that happens to you, ask your doctor about a mood stabilizer.

Escitalopram is Lexapro in the US. And it’s a piece of ■■■■. I hated that med.

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It’s the only one that is recommended for our disease. I 've heard that the others make our positive symptoms worse, although to me that medicine also did that. :confused:

Lexapro. 15 15 15 15

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Yeah, alien99 wrote that to me before.

Lexy works great for some… and like it’s earlier cousin, Paxil, plain awful for others. It’s all about the particular molecule and the particular environment you put it into.

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The reason I ask the two Qs I asked is 1) that older docs have their favorite meds, and they tend to be… older (shrug), and 2) PH docs are likely to script less expensive meds in consideration of a pts’ – as well as the government’s – ability / willingness to pay for them. HMO docs will probably go with newer meds, and private pay docs with the “newest and best” stuff available.

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Folks - every medication affects different people differently - thats why there are so many different medications out there.

Here is a list of all the different antidepressants. I would recommend you just work with your doctor. If something worked for you in the past - it might be a good starting point.

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You’re right. I shouldn’t have painted them all with the same brush.

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I’m just looking for a good stimulant with Haldol for someone who also has auditory hallucinations, but the hallucinations seem to be under control with the Haldol.

I think you mean anti-depressant (not the same as a stimulant). Stimulants are typically bad for people who have schizophrenia - it increases the psychosis.

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The safest stuff I know of seems to be green tea in very restricted quantities. I’d titrate my way into it a little at at time. I’ve also seen chocolate work. But if you know already that caffeine kicks the volume up, I’d be cautious.

Additionally, my sense is that many prescribers go with manufacturer’s suggested dose levels rather than starting at the minimum and working up slowly to see if they can get a nice balancing act going with, say, Lexapro. More and more P-docs are getting hip to fractional dosage for situations like this.