Haldol to Vraylar

I’ve liked Haldol for about 5 or 6 years. As you can see in the Haldol shortage and discontinuation threads, there are rumors it isn’t being manufactured in the US anymore.

I liked Haldol’s high specificity to the dopamine receptors.

The only second or third generation anti-psychotic I’ve found so far with high specificity to one receptor is Vraylar, which seems to have high specificity to the D3 receptors

So, I’m thinking of asking a psychiatrist about going from Haldol to Vraylar.

Does anyone want to share any experiences with Vraylar? Does anyone know of other second generation anti-psychotics with specificity to only one receptor? Perhaps I should try Trilafon, but I have a bad feeling it may be discontinued too.

Actually I think they’re just ditching the bottles. The blister packs don’t say they’re being discontinued.

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This is correct. They aren’t getting rid of Haldol. Pharma is selling/packaging it differently. Really no reason to fear. Besides this is something you should confirm with your pdoc before speculating anymore on these forums (everyone worried tbh.)


If you want something that binds tightly to D2 and is generic, check out pimozide (brand name Orap). Binds even tighter than Haldol. Only other med that’s close to Haldol’s D2 affinity is Prolixin (fluphenazine). Vraylar…ergh. Have not tried it myself. My pdoc won’t use it any longer. He tried it on a few patients, and they all went manic or hypomanic. Small sample size, but large enough for him to say no to it.

Trilafon should be ok. I think there’s a different manufacturer that’s not in play (Upsher-Smith?..I forgot). Moban (molindone) is making a comeback, and is generally weight neutral. Maybe an option. It’s in the FDA Orange Book, and last I heard, production is ramping up. Some small, no-name pharma company. Finally, loxapine (Loxitane) has not been caught up in the many meds affected at all. Produced by Lancett. Sometimes it’s sedating though. In the same potency class as Trilafon.

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I don’t know if it was mania but I became psychotic on Vraylar.
I was committed to a wretched psych hospital soon after.


i think vraylar is alot different than haldol because its a partial agonist instead of antagonist or inverse agonist, i dont trust partial agonist meds i tried abilify and it was no good for me