Haldol shot

Who ist content with the Haldol shot?Do you get the shot every 3 or 4 weeks? Is it the only med?
I got Haldol shot long time ago, when I was working for Volkswagen in the office. It was not bad. Now I am on Olanzapin, but I’m thinking of changing to Haldol Shot.

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there also is a olanzapin injection if i’m correct… maybe could think about that too?

Thanks for your answer. But there are problems reported with the Olanzapin Depot.

ah what kinda problems?

Death. Goggle it please… My English is not so good.

I take 250mg every 3 weeks. Also clozapine and chlorpromazine

I’m on haldol shot. It works pretty good for me. I haven’t been on anything else for years

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Do you get it every 3 or 4 weeks?

I don’t like Haldol in any form. It sucks!

They gave me a haldol shot in the hospital and I was a walking drooling zombie. I went on Zyprexa when I got out of the hospital. It was 1000x better. I couldn’t tie my own shoes on haldol.

Are injections given on the bum? Does it hurt when sitting? Just wondering if I ever need injections.

Arm i think? Fifteen

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you can choose in the bum or in the arm usually. But it doesn’t hurt to sit when you had the shot in the bum. I prefer in the bum myself.

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Getting the depot from a nurse who really knows what she is doing doesn’t hurt more than being torched.

Haldol is quite good and effective. I was on 50 mg every 4 weeks and changed every 3 weeks. I belie the standart dose is like 100mg shot once a month or 50mg shot every 2 weeks. It controls my symptoms quite good, dont have major side effects. Its also one of the least sedating ap