Haldol? could this be an option for me on a regular basis

Because of certain health issues, especially metabolic ones, my doctor and I have decided on me taking Latuda instead of the Risperdal next, and if the latuda does not work out for me, I move on to Perphenazine.
I was thinking lately very seriously about Haldol. It was forced into me when I was in the psych ward, and it absolutely destroyed my severe psychotic mania/mixed states episode, within I would say 12 hours or so. The following day I felt almost normal and in a upbeat (not manic) mood. The reason I was thinking about Haldol at low doses, is that Haldol is very similar to the Risperdal that I am taking, and besides the physical health issues I am doing quite well on Risperdal, mentally. Maybe, besides possible CNS issues I am more and more thinking about mentioning Haldol to my doctor. I am asking those of you with experience taking Haldol to inform me on the experiences you have had with it, especially as maintenance treatment - Please, Enlighten me

Hey @Wave! My favorite antipsychotic ever is Haldol. Dr Jannsen developed both Haldol and Risperdal. Risperdal has been called Haldol-lite. Haldol does not carry the metabolic side effects Risperdal does. In low doses, even over years of treatment, the risk of TD is relatively low. If you took 80mg a day, that might be a different story.

As a personal testament, Haldol not only completely wiped out psychosis, it pulled me out of suicidal moods in 3-4 hours. Best med for psychosis I ever took, even besting Clozaril.

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i had haldol as prn in hospital along side lorazepam. helped me alot

I used haldol injection as an emergency treatment 10 to 15 times but I’ve heard it has serious side effects, check it’s side effects on www.drugs.com

Thanks everyone for your input. @anon40540444 your info and personal experience on it has been very helpful to me. I am now definitely going to have a talk about it with my doctor. From my limited experience with Haldol, it was a lifesaver for me - straightened me out real quick - Thanks Alien,aliali,and wizzer you guys are the best