Haldol as a PRN

Tomorrow I see the pdoc. My Invega worked normally before. Not sure what happened this month and I broke down. Could it have been a bad injection? I hope I remain on 75 mg Invega and not increase. Haldol is what the doc at the hospital prescribed. Do you think Haldol can be prescribed as a PRN for situations like this. I was on 75 mg Invega for 3 years monotherapy and normal.

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Yeah you could probably prescribe it prn. However if your breaking down maybe you aren’t on a high enough dose? Personally I either zyprexa or seroquel prn anyway. Probably best course is to increase monothreapy total dose until you stabilise don’t you think?

I am stable now. My breakdown only lasted a few days. Started with a dream and then I couldn’t sleep. That turned into a few days of insomnia. I tried clonazepam but I was still waking up with an imbalanced mind and very emotional. Crying easily. Laughing easily. Went to the hospital and got prescribed Haldol. On Haldol for 4 days now. Then I see the pdoc tomorrow.

I misread that. Obviously it can be prescribed if it has been prescribed :raised_hands::clap:

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Prescribed to take as needed not all the time

Yes, Haldol makes a good PRN med

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