Hair growth in unexpected places

Two years ago after being on antipsychotics for a while i got random hair growth on some of my body parts. Such as under my belly button and mustache.
I was on abilify at that time and my doc said it has nothing to do with meds. Maybe because of trauma and stress or something.

Anyway for the past two years i went to several treatments. Laser electrolysis etc. Most of is gone. :v:️:pray:

I wonder is this happened to other women?

I’ve notices more hair growth after my psychosis. I thought it was the med. Didn’t pay much mind, it’s not much anyway

So it wasn’t like this?

My belly is almost gone but i still have light hair on my mustache and after 2 years of electrolysis it is not going away. It doesnt show a lot but i am very conscious about it.

Just part of aging. Men don’t lose their hair so much as it moves to their ears, nose, and back. Hair is basically migratory.



:smile: No :slight_smile: I’m actually doing the laser thing in september.

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Haterz gonna hate. I personally think my 'stache goes fabulously with my mullet, so there.


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Happens in men and women as you age, I get ones on my ears they show up only once, shave them off and never come back, the odd thing in they show up in a day and can be quite long. Other areas it is slowly disappearing. I often wonder why we have it?

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OH silly me, I don’t know how old you are? Is it time for the talk ??? :laughing: :laughing:

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I have hair problems too. I’m going to get electrolysis.

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Could be hormonal imbalance…also comes with ages…and stress. I think so.