Haile Selassie and Archbishop Makarios

It is strange how people forget history, the two ethnarchs of old held each other with the greatest respect, but both their people’s have forgotten this as history is being written by people with no interest in telling the truth. The gift of two lions from Selassie to Makarios will always be remembered, their offspring still live on the island, a symbol of everlasting love.

I can’t forget the invasion of turks

Is it true that their descendants still live, that is the only fact I am unsure of :frowning:

No one answered my question about how the lions and their descendants are doing, my teacher could put his head in their mouth he was so able to love, I still eat meat though, chicken and pork, what do lions eat anyway and how are the cats;? I’m not sure whether they should be domesticated or left to their own devices :frowning:

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