Hail storm ruining the art walk

there is supposed to be golf ball to baseball sized hail this afternoon when the art walk is supposed to be…sad…really wanted to go…maybe it will blow over.


What a bummer! 15

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Whats hail like?

Just imagine ice cubes dropping from the sky.


@Bowens Thats kinda hard pardon the pun.
But like what does it sound like inside?

some tin are out of control weater is one juke

Probably depends on material of structure that you are inside, but here is a video.

@Bowens cool :grinning: thanks I can’t imagine what it would be like to be there!

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Our NAMI chapter has an art show every year. All the artists have brain disorders and the profits from ticket sales goes to the artists.

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I’m sorry @jukebox. Maybe next time.

Any luck? Were you able to do the art walk?

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well I was going to go with my brother but he forgot he had other plans so I didn’t go…it’s ok there’s on in july.


Hail like that could be dangerous. Maybe they can post pone the art walk.

Well, phooey. That’s rough. Hopefully you find something else that can replace it soon.

Hmm I’ve never heard of hail that big before… we get it here sometimes, size of a cherry is about as big as it gets.

@velociraptor yes I drove by…almost stopped for a while but I don’t do alone in crowds that you interact with…I need a pacifier person…haha


I have trouble with crowds as well so I get it. A photographer I recently met in town is trying to get me to go to a crowded place for coffee with him. Not something I’d enjoy even if there was no rona risk.

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that surprises me that you would not like crowds since you work publicly all the time? or do you not anymore…work from home do you? @velociraptor

I have worked from home since September of 2019. I prefer it. I have also found that I’ve lost some socialization skills through all of the isolating and locking down. :frowning:


I don’t know what’s going on @Montezuma , but that’s uncalled for.

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