Hah 26 is the best age

No one blames you for being lost and directionless or sleep until 7pm.

Disregarding the illness.

You’re a legitimate adult. Capable of looking anyone in the eyes as an equal.

A bunch of other stuff.

On top of all that you still have youth.

Wanda Sykes agreed anyways.


I’d agree with that one… 26 was a good age… got out of hospital… and group home… started pulling my life together… just started recovering from the head circus… was two years sober and fighting to stay clean…

Lots of forgiveness when I was 260.


Yeah 27 has that odd edge to it. But after that your 28 rounds up.

I’ve had to settle in a lot of ways, but it’s brought me back to having the time of my life.

I was so happy and healthy when I was 26. I just got sober, was running/working out daily. No mental or physical problems. But at the time I still was unhappy with myself and didn’t feel good enough. Gosh if I could be that guy again I would be married. Probably divorced by now though, since my husband probably would cheAt on me.

Had an exchange student friend in highschool. He said, “yeah I plan on getting married, I plan on getting divorced too.”

Realism kills infatuation. But real people only belong with real people.

Real people don’t play games.

I just wouldn’t trust a man. I would go in thinking they will cheat eventually or maybe it could even be me. I just have to think of sex as eating a nice cuisine and not let the love part get involved. ■■■■■■■ pigs :pig2:

I am 24,25 soon,it’s one of the most enjoying age to be,looking forward to be 25

26 was when I left psychiatric hospital with my wife to be and have never been back since. It was the start of moving up a level due to support that no one else(family or the psychiatric system) had given me. I may not have gone up many, or any, other levels but I did achieve that.


26 going on 27 in a couple weeks. It’s a good age, minus the early back problems.

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Kept a change of clothes in the back of my car all the time as had no idea where I was going to spend the night. Mind you in those days I could sleep anywhere, even the back of the car.

Sigh… closer to being 26 for the second time then I am to 26

Anyway live long and prosper

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When I was 26 a lot of religious stuff was happening and my sz was in remission. I was in the convent for the final time, then converted to Islam. It was an exciting time for me.

Good stuff yall. Just woke up and read this.

Seems like several people have experienced remission around 26 years old. It’s the same for me too, mostly. I’ve been clean for two years and have a family. This is far beyond the mess I was when I was unmedicated and trying to cope with the stress of university. Strangely, there is one voice that I miss.

Yeah man. I refer to it as some sort of stockholm syndrome where you get used to/appreciate the company of the voices.

It’s an odd barrier to cross.

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I can’t say I experienced remission, more it was the start of the end of my acute phase.

26 pretty much sucked for me. I’m 30 now. The best times of my life I feel I have wasted. Now I’m waiting for age 36 to 37 most likely, I hope to have come off meds around that time. Money was once what I was always thinking about at one time and I wasn’t very good at getting it either but I had big plans. Now I look back at when I was working and think if I could live that time again I wouldn’t bother with full time work and 12 hour day and night shifts. I would just get a part time day job, buy a few beers and sit in the sun. See where my interests and hobbies could take me.

26 was nice for me ,I had a temporary break from the insanity.

I think the optimism that comes with that age helped a lot.

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I’m 26…it’s ok…

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Yeah right? Then you just simply become something new.

Yeah, 26 was good. I had a favorite job. But it didn’t last, got into a bad time with a dude.
71 is good so don’t worry about aging.

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