Had to up the dose of Rexuti

I was on 2mg and going off my rocker, calling friends and family and doing other less savory insane stuff. I am on 3mg now, I feel better, and my symptoms are under control.

I would not advise taking 2mg- it was hell after a month on it, for severe cases, from my experiences and from what the FDA stuff says, we people need at least 3mg.

But it is a good med- I feel pretty fine now. Just sort of that weird “Oh, reality.” feeling that one gets when coming back from their brain controlling their mind.

I still recommend the medication, just take 3mg to be safe- 2mg worked for like 2 weeks and then I started to really not be okay. Now that no one is after me and the voices are under control I am sort of feeling like I do not know what to do. Funny how boring reality is, isn’t it? It’s almost like our minds sort of entertain us with the psychosis, even if it is a horror movie or tragedy instead of a comedy.


I’m considering this med. Geodon is less effective for me as of late. Having some problems with breakthrough symptoms.

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I’m confused, the rexuti website say this drug is an antidepressant?

Oh, well it can be for very severe cases of depression. It locks Dopamine at 25% of the max- so for people with like 10% of their max it brings them up, for people like us with like 200% of the max, it acts as a major tranquilizer. It is sort of a backroom antidepressant, most people do not take this medication for depression.

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