Had to fight a long time

To get disability.

I was first diagnosed in 2007. After that I kept working for spells until the end of 2008. Then I dropped out of the work scene. The medication was taking its toll.

In 2010 it was suggested I should get into a work program. I agreed and applied. Heard nothing for a year, so investigated. Turns out the government had lost my application somehow, so that was over a year lost to nothing.

In the spring of 2011 I finally got into the program and worked for 2 years, most of it full time. I wanted to work like I did before so I pushed myself…but I shouldn’t have, because then it was concluded I was fit to hold a full job.

In 2014 I got hired at the same place I had been in a work program, which was a honor. But in the summer of 2014 I suddenly got a new problem. Massive insomnia from using zyprexa long term(which I didn’t understand before much later). I was really struggling from this point forward. My health was deteriorating from lack of sleep both physical and mental. I was trying to quit zyprexa because of the sleep problems it had caused, but this only made things worse.

My GP didn’t help me although I told him repeatedly I was struggling with sleep.

At the end of 2016 my health was so bad I resigned my job.

I kept struggling through 2017. Trying to quit zyprexa as I perceived it as the cause of the insomnia. What I didn’t understand was that I had to take a higher dose of it to be able to sleep. I was only taking 2.5mg on average while waiting for sleep to return to normal which it never did.

In 2018 I left my GP and got a new one. The first thing she told me was that I needed to up my dose of zyprexa to get sleep. She probably saved my life.

After a few months I was able to return to my old work place as a extra where I have been working since.

I’m still struggling with sleep, but it has improved noticeable. This year my work capacity was re-evaluated by a really great work agent, and I finally got granted partial disability this summer.

It feels so much better now that I know the expectations of me are realistic when it comes to how much I should work. And of course the financial security that goes with it.

Sorry for writing a book. Thanks for listening :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done man, i have been trying to get a job for ages but things have gotten in the way, i tried cleaning twice and i just got very stressed and anxious, i’m hoping i can get a good job working within permitted work rules but its very tricky, i do a lot anyway despite that.

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Good for you to work. I tried working but it never worked out. Id get paranoid with the smallest amou t of stress. I tried delivery driving, cleaning, and uber. All failed. I decided to take classes instead and am struggling mightily.

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I did pretty good when I was put on Zyprexa in 2015. I took it for about seven months and was fine except for akathisia which I think was caused by Prozac but possibly Zyprexa. Later changed meds then tried Zyprexa oral disintegrating tablets and had no alathisia. Always slept really well for ten hours a night on Zyprexa.

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