Had the depot today

There were 2 women. One of them used to work for the council. The older one said, in what came over as a little disapproving,‘you have it in the bottom don’t you?’. She then made a big point of the younger woman turning her head away while it was done. I’ve had a whole heap of injections over 46 years, sometimes with 2 people or more present. That was certainly the case when I lived in Essex. Never had the ‘Everyone turn your head away’ response before.


Yeah. I guess they were just being respectful. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve always had just one nurse.


Yeah mate I think it happens now and then. I like you don’t give a toss but some workers are a little prudish.

The times it’s happened to me is when a nurse is doing the jag but a non-clinically trained support worker is there as well. Sometimes the support workers give funny reactions

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I once saw a doctor who needed to check my skin all over. But I was fully clothed. Instead of having me change into a gown, he just had me pull up my pant legs.

Then he had me pull my shirt collar down so he could see my collar bones and he was like, "Whoa, whoa, not too far. You must remain modest.’ It was just my collar bone!!! Not my boob; good grief. :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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Drs can’t be prudish. Their job requires that they see the body. That dr has no business doing a job that does a whole body check like a dermatologist if he can’t handle seeing the body.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. I was amazed that he still was a doctor in his specialty, when he was being so ridiculous about the human body.

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Lol Once I had a Dr touch and check my testicles after an injury. Sadly he was a male, what a shame!

Yeah. He’s very unprofessional to use his personal beliefs over his professional responsibilities

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Actually Drs finger ppl to check for prostate cancer lol

They finger ppl’s butthole.





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I one time refused a testicular exam because the Dr. was gorgeous.

Read between the lines :stuck_out_tongue:

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My family doctor never suggested that I get a prostate exam.
Fine by me :joy:

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