Had PMS breakdown today

So I’m overdue for my period and feeling really emotional and tired. Woke up with a headache and later it went away after I took a paracetamal. Then hubby and I discussed and issue that came up. I was upset because I had my own plans for the day. And I vented and snapped at him undeservedly. Until he got upset at me. It took the whole afternoon for him to be ok with me again but I could see how much it stressed him and he doesn’t understand. I on the other hand went downstairs and pushed over a chair and smacked my face over and over as hard as I could and cried and sobbed for a long while.

Spoke with my sister about my meltdown and she understands fully as she also had bad PMS in the past and is going through menopause now. Spoke with my mom as well but she didn’t understand. She said she didn’t get PMS bad and her kids distracted her from her own feelings. But my sister had kids too and she got it bad!

My mother doesn’t understand me like my sister does. She’s too mentally healthy. She’s too normal to understand PMS and sza. She thinks my meds influence my PMS but I don’t think so - my sister doesn’t take meds.

So any fellow sisters (or informed brothers :blush:) on here who can relate or give opinion? Does sza make PMS worse? Or AP’S?

What a day… at least I went to the Flea market and treated myself to a new hippie patchwork bag and a black Indian skirt. And took a long hot shower and wrote in my journal. I feel a bit better just having done those things. Hoping my period will start soon so my hormones can right themselves!

I read somewhere that pms lowers dopamine in the brain, so if you have things that depend on that, like SZ, it can temporarily worsen the symptoms.
I’m guessing sza comes with a mood component?

I can understand your husband’s frustrations too. When people take their anger out on me, I always want to scream in their face that maybe they can’t help how they feel, but they should at least control how they react to those feelings.
Of course I know it’s not that easy. But I bet that’s how he feels, like you somehow chose to let loose on him instead of finding alternate paths to get rid of your anger.

Is he in the mood for a heart to heart?

My schizophrenia has always been around my menstrual cycle I used to get quite bad pms but now I’ve got bad menopause and it’s making my schizophrenia anxiety and depression worse

I was an ass when I was younger and had terrible pms. It definitely triggered me and I felt bad for how I handled it. I would try my best to keep it to myself but I didn’t always. I had a 21 day cycle so I would spend a lot of time symptomatic and it was hell. I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. I’m sorry for your struggles. Pray for early menopause like I’m having.

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My sister is 50 and menopausal and says it’s like never ending PMS. Sounds awful! I’d rather enjoy my periods for longer!

Speaking of that I got my period this morning so feeling better :blush:

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