Had no idea?!?!

Learning to find out that Eric Clapton is a racist!

Is this true?

Also learning that he’s a conspiracy theorist.

Oh well.

Never was a big fan anyway.

But now he’s history in my book.

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Anyone of my British friends know this about him?

Say it’s not true.

i didnt know, i’ve heard of him but idk what songs he has

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He’s a rock and roll legend!

But I’m very disappointed in hearing this about him.

I remember something about him saying jamaicans weren’t welcome in UK

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ive always thought clapton was overrated anyways. i heard he did lots of heroin when he was young, is the only thing i’ve ever heard about him. he’s an uninteresting character to me, so i don’t get into him.


i think i heard him speak once but he was very boring i think, clapped out haha (pardon the pun)


Wow seriously? I don’t have any of his CD’s, but I always thought he was a very talented guitarist.


All of these online articles are referring to an incident that happened in 1976. Clapton was drunk and railed against “dark-skinned immigrants” and called for Britain to be a nationalistic country. He has apologized for those comments he made 45 years ago.

Also, David Bowie shared Clapton’s views at the time, going so far as to create a persona called the Thin White Duke.

As for the conspiracy theory claims, Clapton collaborated with Van Morrison on a song that called for the UK to lift the COVID-19 lockdown, claiming the lockdown was having a negative affect on people’s mental health.


Damn guys, 45 years ago, he was drunk and probably living under a racist regime similar to apartheid.

People were conditioned to terrible things back then and knew no better.

He apologised for it aswell.


I have no idea who that is lol

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One of Claptons huge hits was “Layla”. There’s the whole story about the Beatles and Harrisson link but the real story was it was co-written by a session drummer from the 70’s called Jim Gordon. He was sz and heard his mothers voice. I think the combined things of that and drugs lead him to murder his mother way back when…He’s doing life in California.


Thank you @MentalFloss for the information and a sound perspective. :+1:


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