Had my job interview

Hi xxxxx,

I am sorry for the delay at our side.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to let you know you have not been successful and we wont be progressing your application to the next stage.

xxxxx’s feedback was that you came across as very strong technically however your people leadership skills were not as strong. I can obtain further feedback from xxxxx and arrange a call to discuss but wanted to give you the outcome as soon as possible.

We would love to consider you for other roles that come up with us and hope you will keep in touch as we have lots of exciting opportunities coming up.

Best regards,



It’s their loss, but nice of them to give you feedback. Most employers don’t have the time to do that.

Sorry to hear that @Joker

They did say they would consider you for other roles (I don’t know if you’re interested in those) so you must’ve made a good impression on them, you were just not what they where looking for for this particular job.

I’ve sure you’ll land a job eventually, it’s not easy, there is a lot of competition.