Had my interview this morning

I think it went well :slight_smile:. I was a minute late getting there, I thought I was going to be early considering how early I left home, but they were understanding. Two of the three interviewers were not yet ready to go when I got there, anyway. But yeah, it was three people interviewing me. They mostly just asked a standardized set of questions, though we did talk beyond those questions as well. I don’t know how long it will be before I know if I got the job. One of my references still needs to submit his evaluation of me, but it’s only been a couple days on that, so I’m not going to rush him on it already.

There are multiple openings, so it’s not like a bunch of people competing for one job. But yeah, I think they liked me.


Well done. Hopefully you’ll get it.

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that sounds good, freakonaleash.

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