Had my first guitar lesson

Thanks for the encouragement @ThePoet , but I’m just working on the basics for now. Gonna be awhile before I’m playing full songs. The only song I can currently play is “Merrily we roll along”. which only takes about 30 seconds to play.

Maybe I could post that song and me practicing chords in this thread though, Just for the heck of it. IDK.


Why not dude go for it if you want! I’m sure there’s some pros on here who could give you extra feedback

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Ok, you asked for it. So i recorded and uploaded something :stuck_out_tongue: .

It’s just me playing the song I know and then practicing the four chords that I have so far memorized. The individual string plucking you hear is just me checking to see if any strings are muted before playing the chord.

It’s not really that interesting, but here it is:

It’s like a 2 minute file.


Ayy sick dude I’ll try to listen to it when I’m home. Hope you can get some feedback on it! I think there’s some serious guitarists on here…

@zwolfgang for one


Thanks again. Yeah, any feedback is appreciated. I’ve only had this guitar for like 2 weeks or less and my first real lesson was just 2 days ago, so what I can really post is limited. I don’t know that much.

Hopefully at some point in the future I can post something more interesting.



Keep on working at it.


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Thanks! Will do @ThePickinSkunk ! I practice a lot, so hopefully my progress will be relatively fast.

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After a lot of experimentation, I think I’ve found the secret to me being able to play C chord until my fingers strengthen. Because my 3rd finger is relatively weak, I place it down first and get it in proper position then place finger 2 then finger 1. My first and second fingers have the strength to stretch whereas my 3rd finger does not. Placing 3rd finger down first takes the pressure off having to make adjustments with this finger. :smiley:

Edit: also, pulling down slightly on string 4 and pushing up slightly on 5 seems to help for not muting strings. :smiley:. It’s not a perfect method, but it gets the job done for now.


Hey @Bowens I play guitar and I’d be glad to contribute as much feedback as you want. Hurts my ears though, and the neighbors complain.


Thank you @iconoclast_01 .

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