Had my first grief counselling session yesterday

I had my first session yesterday and I think it went really well. Because of the outbreak, we’re doing it over FaceTime on the iPad. When I called Andrew to tell him about it, he told me I should’ve told the counselor “everything”. But, like the grief counselor said to me, he’s not really a mental health professional. What I meant to say in a previous post is that even my sister in law is concerned about Andrew being an insufferable control freak. Even she’s expressed that he’s got to stop it, because I think he’s alienated his stepdaughter as a result. It’s just he’s happy to criticize us, sometimes constantly, but when it comes to himself, he doesn’t want any limits to what he can do.


Nobody has any right to tell you how to talk during counseling appointments. I’m very glad you are able to have your appointments still.


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