Had it out with my wealthy dad

I asked him if he could spare $200 so that that Angie and I could get rings and he said I was on my own. He just got done spending tens of thousands of dollars on my sister’s Jamaica wedding…he said I should get a job. I went ballistic. I apologized today. screw it Angie and me can save the money ourselves.


That’s rough. Sorry your moneybags :moneybag: dad is such a dick.

I wish you luck. Sorry your dad isn’t nice.

Your dad is a ****,my dad is probably similiar,he says he dote me but action is otherwise

Hope you guys will get rings if that is what you want.

Wishing you a happy wedding.

I do not need rings if I got engaged.
It is the love that unites with or without rings.

My father on paper has quiet a bit of money but I do not want to ever ask him cause he will say that I am using him .
But his girlfriends he is very generous with.
he never says they are using him not his other children.

He gave one a house and he always travels the world with them.
He pays expenses,tickets etc

He opened a business for one so she would become rich and bought her a car.

I do not usually ask him for anything.
But oh the dramas if I do.

He has always been right winged and disliked those who do not work.

But recently he said he is proud of me despite that I am not working.

It surprised me.

I thought he molested me when I was s baby and toddler but they say that was a delusion and not a memory.

Maybe it was.

I also thought he put me down .

I can not seem to break contact with him.

I do not hate him and I do think he has good in him.

I even have care I think.

He does not give me a lot but his x woman who raised me gives me nice Xmas gifts and a place to live etc

I got to live for free at her place but had to pay rent at his place .

He might give me lollies or something.
I got $100 from him last birthday of mine.

It is different with his other children I think.

Still surprised that he said he is proud of me.

I do not want to fight with him .

I do not want him to feel used by me because if so he should look at some of his girlfriends but if they have a deal or arrangement then that is their business not mine.

I wanted to ask him for a loan to get silicon breast but I chose not to ask him.

My former step mum had helped me a lot by giving me a place to live etc

She has been really good to me.

You might be able to save without work ing.

I paid for my certificate in aged care myself.

There was another man I thought was my real father and I thought he was a Muslim but he is not.

I may of thought so but it may not. R true .

That could be a delusion.

I wish my father on paper well .

I did a silver making course and made king link necklace and earrings and gave to a childhood .

He told one of his x that only one of his children turned out good cause she has long legs and he thinks she looks good.

I have difficulties seeing him as my real father.

There is another man who loves me more that I thought could be my real father as we are close.

I do not feel loved by him.

It is not a good relationships.

But I can not break it off entirely specially since he said he is proud of me which is strange as I do not work.

Still I want to in a way cause they do not treat me well.

Their other children were raised to think they are better than me and that I am trash and worse than the devil and low life who should be disrespected.

It is their parents.

I never wanted to see them ever again and that still applies for some.

I tried breaking it off with father on paper but thought maybe only Xmas or so send a card.

I would marry cheap and simple yet genuine sincere etc
A wedding might only cost a few hundred for some.

I would. Be happy with that.

My father on paper and I only text a few times a year.

I can not seem to break it off entirely.
The woman that raised me sad I should keep contact.


It hurts to have contact with them.

He may not have much money now.

I expect nothing from him and wish him well and happiness with his new girlfriend.


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Very entertaining story

I apologise for writing what I wrote.

I did not mean to babble on your post.

My father on paper and I do not have much contact.

I wish him well and happiness and am grateful for all he has done for me.

Grateful he is proud of me and I have love for them still .

I want to break off contact in a way though but can not.

Congratulations on your engagement.

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I did not write it for entertainment.

I should stop writing on this forum.

I am anonymous and need to vent perhaps.

Good wishes to you guys.

Sorry about blabbering on your post.

I apologise.

It could of been A delusion what I wrote here as I do …

I do not even know who my real father is.

No It’s totally fine. I meant your righting style is intriguing.

I’m sorry you are dealing eith this stuff on your mind. I should’ve been more clear in my comment

Sounds like your dad is a real tightwad. Don’t let him affect you too much. You handled it right.

Don’t let it bother you.

You probably don’t want to be $200 in the red with him anyway.

my dad put his two new daughters through college, bought them expensive cars to drive and they had everything paid for. I put myself through college before I got sick and I was doing really good until I got sick…I hate pumping my mom and dad for cash…I’m on disability but I have a chance to save money again now that I’ve stopped smoking again. thanks everyone for your kind words.

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How old are you?sorry I cannot remember.I know you used to study architecture

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I am 55. dad said I was in my fifties and should not have to borrow money.

Maybe it was just the item. Generally I think it’s more meaningful to pay for your own wedding rings.