Had another stay in the behavioral unit

I am still diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. I met a girl there who I vibed with very well and she’s staying over at my parent’s with me. I met her boyfriend. I am dealing with the hounds of hell but I am super grateful to have met her and have her stay over and lead me out of my comfort zone and stuff. .

I also outputted alot of drawings and poems and art while I was in “jail”. It’s pretty unusual stuff. I’m doing well if well means somewhat okay.


Glad you’re doing ok.

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I’m glad your feeling better and back.

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I find getting out of those places to be a nice experience, you almost always leave feeling better than when you went in.


Glad you’re doing well @Nomad. Hope things continue to improve for you.

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Good! What does doing well look like for you?

How does chronic paranoid schizophrenia differ from normal schizophrenia? Does that mean you’re having symptoms whilst on meds?

be careful if she has a bf, but welcome back, hope your on the mend :slight_smile:

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