Had an interesting, good day

I took the train to a nearby city where my stepmother lives. I had to help her with her garden. At the platform by the train station there was a very pretty woman. I looked at her (too much). She noticed. When we entered the train, she sat herself in the seat in front of me. Then she rubbed her leg at me and smiled. I was absolutely bewildered and didn’t know what to do, but left her at the next station. Timid.

I helped my stepmother in the garden. She gave me an unsuspecting 70 dollars for the job, then i sold one of my plants for 60.

A good day.


Haha, she rubs her leg for your benefit and you don’t ask out for a date… Well, I know the feeling

I was chocked. I have never had any experience like that, sadly its the closest i have been to having sex for several years. Pehaps im ready for that too?

I’m sure you’re ready, there is a brave new world out there always looking for new milfs and dilfs recruits.

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never heard about “dilfs” before. I havent got a kid, but i really hope someone out there finds me a “dilf” apart from some stranger i met on the train.

She was teasing me, she was amused because she knew cause of my glare that i was absolutely flappergasted about her beauty.

I don’t know what to do, but i cant help myself glaring at pretty woman. Sometimes they bother and i look away of course. Most often its “the neigbours wife,” not protoypical model types. They are boring

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I get hit on so rarely that it freaks me out when it happens, at least in my first non-sz 30 years of life.

I often go over missed opportunities in my head, like the incredibly attractive girl who hit on me freshman year of college, I figured no way she’d date me, then two weeks later she’s GF/BF with an overweight balding student. Oh my god was I crushed :dizzy_face:

Happy for the guy, he was a nice fellow, but it just goes to show my “I’m not attractive enough” complaint wasn’t even valid with this girl.

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I had a productive day. I won’t bore you with all of it but say I got out twice.

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