Had an episode today

So all day my brain decides we’re going back to stuttering and living in la la land. Feel better after took my meds and spoke with my family. I don’t know that I get in the state. Someone else has to snp me out of it. Well I did figure my disorganized thoughts were back. I’m exhausted.


Hope you feel better @Cici2. It’s good that you have family nearby to help.


Yeah, that’d be tough, the stuttering. I lost my capacity to comprehend speech and printed words for a while. I was stubborn about it. Started with kids’ books and forced myself to learn all over again. Hang in there.


Thank you 151515

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You are welcome. Also, the guy who did Darth Vader’s voice in the original Star Wars Trilogy, James Earl Jones, grew up with a stutter. He worked and worked and worked and became a Shakespearean actor! So, challenges can be seen to be useful. Don’t give up :smiley:


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