Had a weird "vision"?

Okay, I’ve experienced a couple of these and they are relatively new to me. I don’t know much about them. To make things easier I started naming the different “dimensions” or places I’ve seen.

Dimension Descriptions

A lot of them from what I can remember has taken place in what I call the “Eden Dimension”. I name them off of the main color of the environment, this one’s color is much darker than Eden and contains a lot of black as well, but the dark cyan green is the distinguishing color. It is damp and seems to take place in some sort of ancient place, maybe underground because of the cave like structure, but the rocks are the dark Eden color. It’s difficult to see here and it contains weird patterned stone doors with intricate locking mechanisms and I’ve even seen statues.

There is also “The Void” which is entirely black and I can walk around in it, it’s where most of these branch from, like I start at the void and then it melts into a different place as slowly more features become prevalent.

I’ve only seen this dimension once but I wanted to note it. I think I settled on calling it “The Rose Garden”. The time I was there I didn’t get to see the real garden. There were these giant halls made of stone but with openings where light comes and there are lattice wood at the end where dead rose vines are. This is really hard to explain all these btw. Anyways I could feel on the other side was supposed to be the garden and I knew it was dead. The place was almost like a castle and I knew it was abandoned because the shape the place was in. Something told me this place had been affected by the Eden Dimension because of the dead vines, the abandoned castle, and the tint of the stone (turning Eden). Almost like the Eden Dimension was leaking into this one. I haven’t been back here and I’m curious to know the shape it’s in now.

The “Delta Dimension” is new (named after a kind of gray). It was more of a silver but I chose the name delta because it sounded right. It was a giant wall of silver deposit boxes with no locks, I couldn’t see the end of it. In each drawer there was something. You didn’t need numbers on the boxes to find what you needed, you just knew which one you should open. I got a feeling of neutrality, like gray area, neither good or bad. Completely in the middle, balanced on the scale. This was my first time here.


Anyways, back to what I saw today.
The first vision I saw was in the Eden dimension. There was a large door set in the stone of a cave. In the middle was a black eye with a cyan pupil thing. This wasn’t stone, idk what it was made out of. I tapped it and a white circle where I tapped appeared and disappeared, like on a touchscreen laptop. The eye split into 6 and I connected them with the Star of David. I traced it in the air with my hand and white lines appeared as I drew. The door faded into the bars of a cage, two bars were set closer to the sides and one bar across was set a bit lower than half way. There were these big teeth (it was just a mouth and that’s it and it was almost as big as the opening) and the bars started to fade. The teeth disappeared deeper in the cell as the bars started to fail. I felt like I released something and before it could get out I drew a white cross that completed the bars. The mouth smiled and tried to bite the bars as I was backing up. Can’t remember much more.

There was a brief break where I came out of it before another started. I was in the Delta Dimension and was looking at the wall of deposit boxes. There was a box lower down and slightly to the right that I pointed at and it opened. I felt around and there was some gyroscope type thing. It was a bronzish gold hollow metal sphere with bands crossing weirdly and some blue glow emitting from the middle, really weird. I felt like it wasn’t mine. A hole cracked where I was which opened into what I thought was an in between for the Delta and Eden dimensions. There was a black wall with only 2 black drawers and I opened both. It was crawling with what I thought were bugs but I think they were living black vines. I stuck my hands in looking for something but had to go in a second time. I shake some vines off of the identical objects: 2 matching gold medallion type things, though I can’t remember the pattern. I drop once more in front of a large door in the Eden dimension where there are three places where items go: two places for the medallions on the bottom and one place for the gyroscope thing on the top (in a strait vertical line). On the sides of the door were two matching Poseidon looking face statues with beards and hair stretching outwards, they looked ancient and like the statue of liberty but the color was more Eden. I put the things in and things go darker and I’m inside without moving there. The space is dark and there’s a figure moving around me. It circles around me and appears behind touching my shoulders and then appearing in front and it’s darkness grows bigger. It’s hard to distinguish if it’s the entity is the same one I hallucinate but signs point to yes since the black eyes with dark cyan pupils and the black vines are like his call sign. I can’t remember much more.

Kind of wrote this to have it somewhere and also wanted to hear your interpretations. Also this all sounds pretty interesting. Sorry if the descriptions suck, it’s kind of hard to explain.

I could write a book on my own delusions and visions. Maybe I will self publish a web novel in a blog someday. It involved scores of complex characters with complex personalities engaged in epic war campaigns across eternity in fantastic landscapes, blah-blah-blah.

My visions much reduced when I started to realise that I am delusional and demented and that voices and visions are just fantasies. The longer you dwell on this nonsense, the harder it will be for you to recover.

I am not sure if it is harmful or safe to remember, consider and analyse your visions. When someone took my visions and delusions seriously, because they were indeed in-depth, it just ended up causing harm to all parties involved. So I would share your experiences carefully in a controlled environment.

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