Had a small but important success with voices today

I was with family and very busy all weekend so I was too distracted for hallucinations to get to me as much as they usually do

Then maybe a minute after I left and was walking to my bus, one of the voices popped up and said something very cruel about me messing up the whole party because I’m so stupid. And out loud I said back “That’s funny, because I don’t remember you being there?” And it shut that voice RIGHT up

I’ve never had that before and I’m thrilled!! I’ve been telling that voice off and saying “Don’t talk to me like that, I don’t deserve that” and it usually just sulks and goes back to the usual constant muttering. Which helps and I’m proud of myself but I’ve never had it stop before!! It only lasted a second but I think it’s a good sign


That’s good it worked.

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Right on! Glad to hear it. The only thing that shuts my voice up, is when I ask it, what are you good for? Then there is dead silence


So happy for you OP. Let’s all keep on fighting!

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I found that even though it lasted only a little while whenever I doubted the voice’s Reality it got better and better.


That’s awesome!!


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