Had a rough day need someone to talk to

My schizo is okay getting easier to manage but my temper is a little edgy been going off on different ppl all day today. I just need someone to talk to to vent out.

Hi @Longhorn21, are you feeling any better?

Have you had much coffee this evening?

I had a couple cups about a few hours ago.

I’m okay just been dealing with some things. Trying to get ready to start up college again. Haven’t been drinking much coffee but I have been drinking a lot of energy drinks. How’s your day going?

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My day was okay. I bought my month supply of smokes.

Late last night I ordered a few cd’s. So I’m looking forward to getting those this weekend.

Good luck and best wishes to ya on going back to school!

I start back at school Monday. I might have to drop the class though because I didn’t get a book stipend.

So that’s making me a little sad. :confused:

What was the class based on?

Intro to physical science. It’s like a very basic science class. I signed up for it because I have a lab requirement for my degree.

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What degree you per suing?

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It’s an associate of arts in liberal arts. It’s kind of mostly used as a transfer degree.

What degree do you want to go back to college for?

Cool! I want to get my associates in Chemical dependency to become a substance abuse counselor

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That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

You can do it!

I hope so! My drinking got in the way the first 2 times but I’m 10 months sober now and hoping that helps even though I’m still schizo

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Well congrats on the 10 month sobriety!

I’ve also struggled in the past with alcohol. I’ve been sober for about a few years now.

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How did you do it? Stay sober?

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Well, I guess I just got more spiritual to help stay sober. Sought out a Higher Power (as they call it in A.A.).

That and I realized when I got hospitalized a few years back that my drinking was really hurting me and the people I loved.

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I go to AA and seek a higher power. I flatlined twice and finally decided it’s time I sobered up especially when I would see the pain my family was in.

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Kudos to ya for doing A.A. and seeking your Higher Power.

Sorry to hear you had some near-death experiences.

I :pray: that you find Serenity.

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Thanks! I honestly believe if I didn’t flatline like that I would still be drinking.

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Yeah it’s very unfortunate, but for a lot of alcoholics it takes a tragedy like that to realize it’s time to sober up.

Well my friend, I’m getting a little sleepy from my meds.

Take care, and good night. Blessings :v:.

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Yeah definitely, same here good night!

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You doing anything fun this weekend?

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