Had a psychotic 20 minutes yesterday (scary movie warning)

I watched the Nicole Kidman movie “the others” yesterday.

SPOILER: The people who are portrayed as alive, who have supernatural encounters, are actually dead. The “intruders”, or ghosts, were actually the alive people. The Mom suddenly remembered killing her children, and at the end, the “ghost hunters”, who were portrayed as the ghosts, make contact with the dead woman and her children.

The maids turned out to be dead people too.

So the psychotic moment was, after the movie I kinda thought for a second that this dimension we call the land of the living could actually be a bunch of dead people in limbo or being given a second chance.

I kinda tried to communicate with “the living”.

But this psychotic moment didn’t last very long.

My therapist said “If we are dead, then who gives a ■■■■, I’m gonna go on living!”

Thanks for reading my peeps :smile:

That movie freaked me out. And Sixth
sense as well.
Shouldn’t watch it…those things are not good for stomach.

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I had this same thing, still think about it from time to time.
How do you shake it off?

Well, I haven’t shaken it off entirely. The feeling that feeds it is that I feel dead inside. So that opens up the possibillity.

The only way to shake it off is to just keep “living” and if you have the delusion, I don’t think it’s deeply harmful.

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Nah…it’s just a very well done and suggestive horror movie.

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Well, I get that but mine is rooted to a whole different delusion about me dying on my suicide attempt and this being the next world. Just today I felt like that again… I need to start therapy soon.

I have the same thing. There were so many times that I almost committed suicide that it’s tempting to think that I actually followed through and this is the next world. I’d say there isn’t a lot of good advice in this arena… better to just keep going on. Idk.

Yeah you’re right. That’s what I usually tell myself, I’m still conscious, if this is the next world than I was given the chance to continue my life instead of ending it. That’s more positive I think.


I like your thinking.


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I had this for the first three years of my illness. I thought I had cotard’s syndrome.

I still sometimes check if I still have a heart beat to see if I’m alive.

I was pretty screwed up the other morning after I woke up from a dream that I was God.

I saw the movie The Visit today. It was lame.

Horror movies do me in…

I had a few hours of sneaky brained thinking yesterday…

the other day I was sure that I was being followed and watched… that the truck was bugged… and I was being reported on… (by who I didn’t know) Panic and anxiety was growing.

Yesterday… after some sleep and a swim… the release of all that panic and anxiety… sort of got me giddy and manic… I was right back fighting off some of my old problems of being a healer…

I have a very patient sister…

Damn I loved that movie. So scary though.