Had a practical assessment today :)

i had an assessment today which was 10mins counselling a person, it went ok but i was struggling and i knew i hadn’t done well while doing it, i think i was nervous as the rest of the class were watching and taking notes,

i have realised now that i am not as good as i thought i was at talking about peoples problems, i need to improve and there is a lot to improve upon but i’m not going to let it change me as a person, it might better me but i will always be me, i’m thinking after this it will be me plus lol like the new model or something lol (an upgrade) haha.

anyway, hopefully i can be better on here as well, talking and things, discussing stuff, its a good outlet for us and i want to hang around because this forum has helped me so much i feel it is my duty to return that favour :slight_smile:

anyway i hope you don’t mind me sticking around even while i am better bc i just love it here and want to help :thumbsup: