Had a perfect chance for something very funny, but it didn't happen

I was helping my sister move, and we were in the elevator with a desk, on our way down to the U-Haul.
My sister accidentally bumped into the fire/emergency button for the second time of the day, and this time I decided to speak in an corny and overdone Indian accent when the lady asked through the speaker what the emergency was. We all thought it was a hilarious idea. I told everyone i would do my “thank you, come again” impression, but I had even more in mind- i was going to ask the lady on the other end to marry me, convincing her by saying “I will buy you an island”.

Everything got destroyed when the ‘cancel’ button finally worked, and nobody picked up the phone. I was very sad.

(btw, nothing against Indians. they’re my favorite people in the world, always so soulful and friendly. GOATS RULE!!)


You STAY makin jokes! Steady makin that humor…

I have a feeling you’re being sarcastic but I’m not quite sure.