Had a Panic Attack Over Future Doctor's Appointment

I have reached 50 and I will need to start having colonoscopies now. Since I have a family history of cancer I can’t go the cologuard route and the idea of prepping and how to go to the doctor and back without a car scared me. My Mom offered to do it this time but she’s approaching 77 and my brother will hopefully help provide a place for the prepping. Still I’m not used to going a long time without food or pooping that much as it doesn’t sound like much fun. My panic attack is over but the reality remains that I probably better do it.

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Driving to the doctors office doesn’t bother me and I will be 50 next year and I don’t want anyone sticking something up my butt. I would have panic about that though.

I had to get a fight physical every year in the Marines and they said after 40 you got a finger in the butt. I retired when I was 42 and I never let any flight surgeon do that to me. I said I was good.

I will just stick to the blood tests. Something has to kill us. We all die.

How do you handle going to see your shrink? This shouldn’t be any more complicated than that logistically speaking.

I did the same and still havent had one.

I have no problem seeing my shrink. I’ve known him a long time.

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