Had a mild episode few months ago

I was put on cymbalta and also my invega depot after 1 year of stopping stopped working. I was and am on haldol. I stopped cymbalta like 3 months ago and I thought i improved, I had no negative symotoms: I enjoyed playing video games, was really active and delusions were somewhat minimum. I really started to believe in double meanings, I saw one day a card on my table and started reading about tarot for hours. I also again turned to be religious, its a bad sign for me when i start going to church again, but in unhealthy way - was going to a chuch lile everyday twice to literally every mass. I also regained my emotions. You could say i had hypomania with minor delusions. I didnt need hospital as it recently stopped and my negatives came back with a storm: i laid in a bed for 4 days almost not getting up. I really think i need med change. Oh yeah also i lost my job becausr i quit, although i asked my mum to talk with an employer to explain why i quit and get me back

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