Had a great day :)

I hope your day was ok, if it wasnt then i pray tomorrow will be better x

my day was great, i had coffee with friends this morning

then i went out to my clubhouse and i was asked to post a newsletter that i featured in twice, i was on the front page and the back page and i shared it on instagram and facebook, it was about the tep video we made and my tep start, i was also asked to write a testimonial about myself next week lol, idk what i’ll say but she said she’d help me out with it,

I also went to my little community garden and harvested some turnip and lettuce, my peas died of disease but everything else was doing well, my foxglove plant was said to have been really great and she said they made a nice mural from the petals. so i shared some of the veg with friends and i saved some for my mum too :slight_smile:

hope you had a good day, what about you? anything coming up?


I’m doing something nice for everyone I come into contact with, today. My neighbor, bob, doesn’t know the tide I gave him money for is his. Focusing on others is so much easier for me.

Anyone else?


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