Had a good day by taking 400mg l-theanine

Nice and relaxed. 151515


Aaaand , im having a good day by taking 800mg, lol. I’ve ordered a few different (cheaper) brands to trial them. I might even order the powder like you did.

Just out of curiosity, does the powder dissolve in water?


I didn’t dissolve it in water. I just took a teaspoon to it. Powder works out a lot cheaper. My tablets cost £11 a month from Amazon.


I’m on vitamin e, vit c, fish oil, b12, b complex, plant sterols to lower cholesterol and beetroot extract to lower blood pressure.

In varying quantities, i take 13 pills in supplements every day. I am depot so don’t need aps orally.

Am I missing any supplements? What are you on if it is not too personal?

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Omega 3, vitamin d, vitamin b complex, multivitamin and multimineral. Just added l-theanine.

Have you ever gone without any supplement and noticed a difference?

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I used to take l-theanine regular. When I stopped abruptly I got withdrawal symptoms.


That’s what scared me, everhopefulls reports of withdrawal symptoms…

L theanine is great.

I don’t see how it could be great if it’s addictive…

It’s not physically addictive. I only take it now and then.

Jimbob said he got withdrawal symptoms from it and so did everhopefull, it has scared me off it…