Had a family meeting today

Everybody said they don’t interact/try not to interact with me

I hate my family, I hate this state. I don’t want to exist.

Okay, that really really sucks. Did they say why?

Because they’re ■■■■■■ retarded assholes


Hahahahaha well that goes without saying. But I’m guessing that’s not the reason they gave?


They didn’t really give a reason. The clinician just asked how interactions have been going

I’m really sorry, man. We value you here.


Breaking free of family relationships has been bliss for me. They all performed quite poorly, in my eyes, and yet I tried my best to keep the family strong & united. I invested a lot into the family & reaped nothing in return.

Good riddance, I say - much like a failed business. It all went bankrupt, in large part due to their actions, not mine, and I just want to put it all behind me & move on.

Some people have strong families & that’s great. I’ll never know that experience.

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I feel exactly the same. Before I moved to California, I gave my family ten thousand dollars, and I regret it. It was a waste of money, and helped nothing.

I saw that title and thought… oh Jesus. And I was right. “Family meeting” has never been a good thing. Either they’re pissed at you, you’re pissed at them or it’s an intervention. I love my family but I let them know as little about what’s going on in my think meat as I can.

Strength and honor :confused:

It was with my clinician, we have family sessions a couple times a month

I honestly don’t know if that’s worse or better. I had a meeting with my therapist and my mom once a week or two ago. All I could do was hug my knees and cry and he had to do all the talking… which was nice… she fed him her usual like of nonsense… but at least I didn’t get in trouble.

you just described my family…maybe we are related… lol :blush:
take care :alien:

Last time my family tried group therapy, my mom rounded us all up afterward and yelled for a good twenty minutes on how we were making her sound like a bad parent and we were telling lies about her. Family therapy sucks.

I gave my mom 8 thousand dollars over the course of a year. Worst mistake I ever made. Family shouldn’t get financially involved with each other. It ruins relationships.

My mom and I get along fine now, mostly because we don’t ever talk about that time anymore. Yay avoidance!