Had a dream about my daughter

It started out I was somewhere and this lady was filling a bag with some kind of protein powder from a burlap bag with strange writing on it. There were other ladies lined up doing the same thing with modern looking protein powder. The lady with the burlap sack said this was from a far away land that she might be able to find on a map or the computer and it was the best. Me and my sister inspected it and found it to be special and the best. We followed her to a computer lab and there were many computers with the different metaphysical websites on them playing soothing music. It was like a zen office. She couldn’t get into the website to figure out where the special powder came from because the passcode had been changed. I cracked a joke about the administrator changing the passcode but not letting anyone know and everyone laughed except my sister. Finally they decided to try to find it on a map. Then the room sort of morphed into a lab and there were crystal growing stations all around. My daughter was one of the people growing a crystal. She kept dangerously balancing her crystal and taping it to the table so it wouldn’t fall. She asked for one last piece of tape but her crystal was just too big and it fell and shattered all over. Next thing I know my daughter is picking up everyone else’s crystals and smashing them on the floor. She is also throwing scientific instruments down and breaking them up. It’s a real mess in there. I grab her and put her into a hold I learned when she was little and used to throw tantrums and take her outside to calm her down. There was a man there smoking a cigarette and I told him she was upset and really needed one and with one had I grabbed his cigarettes to get her one. He was down to his last cigarettes and didn’t want to give her one but I insisted and lit her one anyway. I then got myself a menthol from my pack (I don’t smoke menthol irl) My daughter was fighting the hold and trying to get away and I was trying to hold her until the police could get there. It turned out this lab was part of the University and the Dean came by to say no smoking and to yell at us for the mess we made and to say what trouble we were in. I couldn’t hold my daughter much longer so I got her to the car. We had to drive down this one way bridge all the way to town watching for a cop the whole way, but no cop ever came. We got to town and she got loose and I thought now the cops will never find her.

Wow! I can’t even remember my dreams anymore. That’s a good sign, if you can remember all that.

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Just relax and take it a bit easy. Sometimes the trouble comes from driving too hard at things. There is a certain flow in people and things. Its hard to go against it.


I had a dream last night I was framed for a particularly violent homicide. I woke up in a panic thinking I was going to go to jail. Ugh.

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Man, that seems like a stressful dream.

It sounds like her behavior is really stressing you out. Try to find some time for yourself to do calming activities like meditation, coloring, hot baths, long walks, something you can do that relaxes you.

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