Had a dream about my childhood bully

It all came back. The verbal abuse, the physical abuse.

Some dreams can mess you up for a while.


I have dreams about my childhood bullies too. Sigh.

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My dreams are irritating

They used to be very sandbox, and I travelled and did things in my sleep

Now it’s a nightmare and I always try to escape.

When I wake up the content of my dream prevents me from going back. It can be hell.


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I always think about the meaning of a dream because it can contain valuable info. Not always though.

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Yeah, sometimes they seem to make sense or solve a problem.

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99% of my dreams these days are negative, it drives me crazy!


Most of mine are negative too.


Yeah, mine too unfortunately.

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I sometimes have dreams with my ex wife in it.
In my dreams she is sometimes kind and a good person.

In real life she was abusive.

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