Had a breakdown

A couple days ago I had a pretty bad breakdown on here, maybe a couple of you guys remember.

I’ve got an issue that really freaks me out: I can’t stop compulsively staring at people through my peripheral vision. Anyone heard of/have anything like this? I can’t find anything and I wanna know if meds can help

A quick google search says It might be a symptom of OCD.

That’s what I found too. According to my therapist its just not real lol

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Ocd does some weird shite. Schizophrenia can do it too.

Take the pills. Talk to doctor. If really does sound a bit ocd but I had those symptoms pre psychosis. Might be a different focus but it was there.

TAlk, Ask. Listen. Three quality words for getting better!

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Thanks! How long did it take you to get better?

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