Had a bad night

Couldn’t get off to sleep for ages. While lying in bed kept thinking someone was in the flat/kept sensing a presence. Reality testing- it’s highly unlikely given that people have to buzz an intercom to get in downstairs and then why would they then come up to my flat/surely i would have noticed someone breaking in etc- didn’t help much. Took ages for the feeling to go. This is one that crops up at semi regular intervals. Despite being able to see the illogicality of it, the feeling when there is hard to shake.

I understand the presence, just a couple of days ago I saw a guy(?) in a dark blue shirt run across the kitchen, then later back through the entryway.
Once I nailed all my windows shut and I had to call 911 in a panic because someone had trashed my spare bedroom, trying to get OUT the window.
Still want to understand why they’re picking on me.

I get this one too. I wake up convinced that there is an intruder in the house. Despite the locks on the doors and the fact that I’ve looked around and found no intruder. I then keep thinking he’s really good at hiding. It will keep me up too.

I have also had this issue, especially when I don’t sleep as much as I should, what with my melatonin levels lower than dirt.

It happened a lot with me too and frequently, but I do get up and check, just to ensure my mind, because I know all the hiding places in my house…so my logical mind notices that there is no one is going to feel better, but the other feeling I try to tell my self that this presence could be me feeling some sort of a good spirit like guardian angel or the presence of god, or just simply I’m feeling my neighbors down or up stairs (that’s more logical and likely to happen). and I fall to sleep like a baby …reality check works in that situation, it took me years to handle that but I’m glad that I can logicalize it…I hope this works for you firemonkey

Going to be a bad night again. Thoughts of people being in the flat when i’m in bed came back again .Feel safer in the living room with the lights on. Strange experience when i flushed the loo and got into bed before the thoughts came . It didn’t last long but it’s not something i am used to or can readily say i normally hear . The noise of the toilet i’m sure turned into muffled voices- external voices.
Had internal stuff go on at night in the past-Before i was on regular injections i would get a succession of unconnected phrases in my mind that were random and not connected to a main line of thought. This happened at night and was irritating because it kept me awake for hours, but i can’t say they were,except very occasionally, unpleasant/upsetting or distressing. - but tonight was different

Just glad it’s not a regular thing.

Well get this: one night several years ago I felt something enter me…down yonder. In the morning I woke up and had a big burn-looking mark…down yonder. I was told it was aliens and I still have the scar. Yup.