Had a bad night at csu

First night at the csu. Had a hard time sleeping because of pain in my leg. Had terrible acid reflux from taking my meds and ended up throwing most of them up. (Sorry kinda gross). Tossed and turned all night until I finally got up at 4:30 am. Took some Advil for my leg and a headache. Feeling better now finally. A few coffees always helps too. It’s snowing outside so I won’t be smoking as much. No one else is up so I’m feeling calm. There is one guy here who plays stuff on the computer quite loud so I end up either listening to audio books to drown him out or go to my room. I’m not too happy about that as technically he’s supposed to be wearing headphones. Oh well. The beat goes on.


I’m sorry about the pain keeping you up. That happens to me a lot and it’s always miserable. Fx your stay gets better.

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I think it will get better as I get more settled in :slight_smile:

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Here’s a few pics of the csu.


Get to feeling better afraid. Okay.you’ll be all right

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looks like a nice place. Decorated very homey and comfortable looking.