Hackers or what?

The system keeps shutting down and saying that the site is unsafe. The message that comes up says that someone is trying to fool me or the site is unsafe and I should shut the site down immediately. My system is shutting it down automatically. Is this some kind of hacker or something?

Probably your browser settings, it might say read more if you schroll down and you might be able to over ride it


Maybe, who is to say what message the moderators decide to put on the webpage forum opening pageā€¦Or is it artificial intelligenceā€¦

Hi. This sounds like an issue with your antivirus software. Can you share a screenshot of the error message you get?

I havent seen anything abnormal when I log inā€¦

@Leaf, I think itā€™s your own computer. Like @ninjastar said, maybe your antivirus software or something.

Turn it off and get it check by a technician straight away,

Oh if your using chrome in the top left corner it will say not secure, click on that and choose allow

What actaul webstie was you trying to access in the first place !

I will next time it happens

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