Habitat restore volunteer

In my effort to find humans to socialize with face to face, I’ve volunteered and been accepted as a cashier at habitat restore, and office manager at Habitat for Humanity.

This organization has employees who are paid, but mostly is run by volunteers, retired people.

Homes are torn down and used furniture, cabinets, and plumbing, medical equipment, housewares are refurbished and sold. Even recycled paint. I’m a new volunteer, many people work there, it’s been nice to get out of the house and talk to real people without the computer.


I did washing and refurbishing wheelchairs, potty chairs, beds, anything they needed.

They were ok. I wanted to set my own hours, and they didn’t know when I was coming,
and so , whatever.

I also helped build a Habitat home. You should look into it. We’ve just hit the 100 mark.

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what town you in?

Sounds like a great way to meet people and to help out your community. :relaxed:

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It’s cold here now after October, I thought painting inside would be something. I’m not interested in being outside in the cold. Otherwise, I’ve always worked in an office environment.

There are stacks and stacks of aluminum crutches and walkers, those get scrapped they said. I was amazed at the huge pile of those two items.

Then there was a whole room full of wheelchairs and scooters, bed rails, toiletting stuff, I was amazed.

Did you run that big machine that disinfects everything?

no it was all by hand, baby. We did have a big vapor compressor that disinfected.

good luck. hope it’s fun.

I want to get on with NAMI, but like 12 page paperwork to get on there, what?

I’ve called NAMI, offered to volunteer, nobody responds. The local NAMI office is always locked, but with lights on.
Habitat put me through a background check because I’m handling cash.

maybe they’ll hire you on, never know.

I love that place, or anything used, can be great art for me.

Nice going @NiceHat ! I hope it works out well.

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